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THE JOURNEY TO HITLER – our lead title this coming autumn

Cappelen Damm Agency is delighted to introduce you to Tore Rem´s REISEN TIL HITLER (THE JOURNEY TO HITLER). Rem is a critically acclaimed author and critic. He was formerly research fellow in English literature at the University of Oxford and is now professor of literature at the University of Oslo.

Spring time is crime time

To many Norwegians, Easter is the time to snuggle up in a comfortable armchair and delve into stories of ice-cold murders and thrilling mysteries. This is evident in Cappelen Damm´s new rights list, where you can read about several strong crime novels this spring. Three of them are debut crime novels.

Follow World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen´s remarkable career in MESTEREN (THE MASTER)

In the wake of Magnus Carlsen´s victory in the World Championship in chess in November 2013, international attention has been brought to the biography MESTEREN (THE MASTER) by Arne Danielsen. Foreign rights have been sold to Denmark and the Netherlands.

A book that sheds light on the origin of modern hatred towards Muslims

In I HATETS FOTSPOR (IN THE WAKE OF HATRED) Øyvind Strømmen looks at the modern hatred towards Muslims. With elements of reportage, and with an international approach, Strømmen asks where this hatred came from and why it came about.


Less than a month after publication Turid Langeland´s first book is sold to two countries. We feel pretty sure this is only the beginning. The book is outstanding when it comes to design, patterns and atmosphere.

Mindful Eating – Love what you eat

In this delightful concept and cookbook TID MED MATEN (MINDFUL EATING), M.D. Fedon A. Lindberg presents a simple, delicious, Mediterranean-inspired and well-balanced approach to food which will revolutionize the way you think about your meals. It is all about mindfulness.

‘Funny, smart and important novel about the last sexual taboo – why do women fake it?´

This is what Dagbladet´s reviewer said about Selma Lønning Aarø´s latest novel JEG KOMMER SNART (I´M COMING!). Aarø´s heroine Julie spends an entire week in bed, pursuing an orgasm, whilst husband and children come knocking on the bedroom door.

HALENS HISTORIE winner of the BolognaRagazzi Award Opera Prima!

We are thrilled to announce that author Yulia Horst and illustrator Daria Rychkova´s HALENS HISTORIE (TAILS THROUGHOUT TIME) has won the BolognaRagazzi Award in the category Opera Prima, an award devoted to works by new authors and illustrators.

A beautifully written portrait of an artist

Odd Klippenvåg´s critically acclaimed novel ET PERSONLIG ANLIGGENDE (A PERSONAL MATTER) has everything you could ask for from a great read: a beautiful language, powerful descriptions of milieu, complex characters and family secrets.

How to toughen up – get hold of a crocodile!

What do you need when you are not especially brave, when you are terrible at football, when you always start crying when others tease you? A crocodile, of course! KROKODILLETYVEN (THE CROCODILE THIEF) tells you how and why.

HVIS DU LYVER (IF YOU LIE) – a story about a first love with a twist

Thomas Marco Blatt, winner of the prestigious Tarjei Vesaas Debutant Prize, ventures into the field of children's and young adult fiction with a beautiful and crystal clear examination of the all-consuming experience of first love.

SÅ VAKKER DU ER – winner of the Brage Award 2013 and sold to Denmark!

SÅ VAKKER DU ER (YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL) by Brynjulf Jung Tjønn is a novel about a boy on the brink of becoming a young man, all whilst another young man is fading away. This is a story that touches upon grabbing the chances life gives you - and the fact that one day, quite suddenly, there may be no more chances to grab.

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