A new hero is born

2011 was a truly triumphant year for the award-winning author Chris Tvedt. In February he is back with a brand new hero.

It all began in April 2011 when Chris Tvedt won the Riverton Prize for his nerve-wracking novel DØDENS SIRKEL (CIRCLE OF DEATH). The buzz following the award catapulted the book on to the bestseller list, where it stayed for several weeks.

Although DØDENS SIRKEL was in fact Tvedt’s fifth novel featuring the lawyer protagonist Mikael Brenne, it proved to be Tvedt’s big break-through abroad. His previous four books were now in demand more than ever, and readers have been thrilled about this new voice in “Scandicrime”, resulting in foreign sales to Denmark (Klim), the Netherlands (De Geus), Czech Republic (Jota), Germany (Droemer Knaur, Poland (Nasza Ksiegarnia) and Ukraine (Nora-Druk).

This year his fans are anticipating his new novel AV JORD ER DU KOMMET (OUT OF THE GROUND WAST THOU TAKEN) for several reasons. In addition to the fact that this is the exciting follow-up, Tvedt introduces us to his new hero.

Edvard Matre, murder investigator with Serious Crime Command, has to return to the city of Bergen, his home territory. A young woman has been killed, another is in a comatose state, and the two cases have so many features in common that the police begin to fear a serial killer may be at large. Edvard’s important task is to find the murderer before he kills again. But it’s far from easy. The police have nothing solid to go by, no suspects, motives or clues. It is less than helpful that Edvard is told of results from DNA tests that it seems that one of the bodies buried in a hospital mass grave is likely to be his mother. As far as Edvard knows, his mother died in a road traffic accident some ten years ago and is buried in a Bergen churchyard. Edvard is used to not knowing who the murderer is. Suddenly he cannot tell who he is himself.

Fans of Mikael Brenne – do not despair! The kind-hearted, stubborn lawyer who is also a somewhat inexplicable womanizer has not entirely disappeared – he actually makes a guest appearance in the new novel. And another fun fact: However nowadays a full-time author, Tvedt’s former day-job was as a lawyer, and he is also born and raised in Bergen. Let’s assume this is where the resemblances end.