The prestigious Riverton Award is a separate literary award, handed out every year by the Riverton Club to the best Norwegian literary work within the crime genre. Chris Tvedt received it in April for his splendid novel DØDENS SIRKEL (CIRCLE OF DEATH).

“A true highlight – so packed with excitement, surprises and clever twists and turns it is tempting to use the cliché ‘unputdownable’,” Bergens Tidene wrote about Chris Tvedt’s DØDENS SIRKEL. The Riverton jury agreed, and voted it the best Norwegian crime novel in 2010. The novel has been sold to Droemer Knaur in Germany, Klim in Denmark and De Geus in the Netherlands.

The Riverton Award catapulted DØDENS SIRKEL on to the bestseller list, and it has stayed high up there in the following weeks.

About the book:
DØDENS SIRKEL (Circle of Death) is a cleverly plotted story, utterly exciting – with dramatic events on several levels. The novel begins with a court drama, and develops into a classical Nordic crime scene: the apparently idyllic, small place which hides terrible secrets.

DØDENS SIRKEL is a traditional fall from grace story. Our lawyer hero Mikael Brenne’s life is turning into a living hell. In the middle of a trial the most horrible accusations are put forward against him. He is thrown in jail and loses his lawyer license, his honor and respect. All of a sudden the once so successful lawyer is left with no friends, no income and no future. The only person who supports him is his former associate lawyer, Synne Bergstrøm. She offers him an office the size of a cupboard, and he is assigned to an old case. More than 25 years ago a young boy was sentenced to jail for murdering two girls on the small island Vestøy. Now this man wants to have his case reopened.

Mikael Brenne considers it a hopeless case. He approaches the investigation without enthusiasm, and goes to Vestøy just as much to patch up his own life as to work for his client. Soon it appears to him that the old murder tragedy is very much alive in the islanders’ memories, and not everyone welcomes his digging into old secrets. Mikael Brenne, who is certain that his life cannot possibly get worse, is about to realize how wrong he is. It can get worse. Much worse.