The nobel peace hundred years Øivind Stenersen/Ivar Libæk/Asle Sveen

The nobel peace hundred years

Øivind Stenersen/Ivar Libæk/Asle Sveen

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Nobels fredspris - Hundre år for fred - Prisvinnere 1901-2000
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The Nobel Peace Prize 1901- 2000. Hundred years for peace is published by J. W. Cappelens Forlag AS in connection with the Nobel Peace Prize centenary in 2001. After an opening article about Alfred Nobel, the history of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, The Norwegian Nobel Institute and the development of the Peace Prize, a chronological presentation of the Peace Prize Laureates from 1901-2000 follows.

Each Prize Laureate is presented through a short biography, the reasons for the Nobel Committee's choice, international reactions to the choice of winner and reflections on the impact of the year's award. Excerpts from the Laureate's speech or Nobel lecture are given.

The presentation is divided into seven main parts each of which opens with an historical survey of the world's situation, the economical or political aspects dominating society, or special events characterising the period. The articles set the Peace Prizes in a broader context.

The book ends with an essay on the laureates' ideas of peacemaking: Roads to peace.

This volume is the first comprehensive, Norwegian presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize based on extensive studies in the archives of the Nobel Institute.

Photo portraits of the Laureates, and photos related to the year's award and award winner.

Size and format:
21x27 cm, 4 colours throughout

Bounded with jacket.

304 pages.

The Authors:
Øivind Stenersen, Ivar Libæk and Asle Sveen are all Masters in History at the University of Oslo. They have long experience as teachers, and they have been lecturers and external examiners at the universities and districts colleges. Since 1983 they have been authors of Cappelen's textbooks in history at all levels in the Norwegian school system, and other text books in history and social science. Øivind Stenersen and Ivar Libæk have also written a history of Norway for foreigners, and the Nobel Institute has engaged them as guest researchers. Asle Sveen is author of four historical novels for youths, and he has been a researcher at the Institute for Teaching and School Development at the University of Oslo.

The book is published in two separate editions, English and Norwegian.