The Legacy of Maél: The Demi Gods 3 - book review Mari Moen Holsve

The Legacy of Maél: The Demi Gods 3 - book review

Mari Moen Holsve

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Arven etter Maél
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‘We stand poised for a new day – a day that has the potential to change the entire future of Tiladnen.’

Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel for The Guild, and also for the demi-gods Dina, Balder and Thea. The Alliance, severely weakened by the drama on Ysar, has gone into hiding. Baron Frytilgor has disappeared, and is quite possibly even dead. But something smoulders in Tiladnen. There are horrible rumours. The Guild receives reports of mysterious, unnatural deaths – it’s clear that something is on the verge of happening. And somewhere, deep beneath the earth’s surface, forces are gathering that will become at least as divine as the demi-gods themselves …

Arven etter Maél is the exciting conclusion of the award-winning Demi God Trilogy. The first book in the trilogy, Halvgudene, was sold to Iceland. Holsve won the ARK Prize for Halvgudene, the first novel in the trilogy.

The press about Halvgudene:

‘She writes about fictitious creatures in a visual way and cinematically about natural phenomena.’
Dag og Tid
‘Mari Moen Holsve is actually tidier than many of her colleagues in the genre. Her writing is clear, and her magical universe is not sprinkled with unnecessary contrivances. Even though the tale is timeless, many modern references have been inserted, allowing young readers to identify with it more closely.’
‘Tiladnen is an ambitious universe with a comprehensive fauna, geography and mythology. And, with the exception of a few quick solutions, it fits together well …. There is the obligatory power struggle, and the action scenes are very good.’



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